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Welcome to the Mass Blog. With the accumulation of aggregate data of the entire assemblage and band we can continue to batch them together in a block for going to the bulk of it all and then start to bunch a chunk together at the same time to form a good clot of sorts. The coagulation and collection will then soon form a combination so that the concretion of the former conglomeration at it's core then seems more plausible. A crowd in it's entirety will almost always gob together a great deal more of the greater part of the group which will then heap and horde a host of situations all in one place to be taken care of at a later time and place. A good hunk will also likely proceed to knot a lion's share of the entire load all within one lot and then continue to lump a majority of it elsewhere for later use. The mob will then meet at the mound to form a mountain that will need to be climbed at some point or another, as much as the number of participants and the object of their desires and affections are there for them in the end. They will peck at it and then piece the pile back together again. Always have, always will. The plurality and preponderance of the situation will be as perplexing and grand as a pyramid in the land of the Pharoh. The sheer quantity will certainly shock them all! They will stack and then staple together a stockpile for the future. To sum it up, the sum total of the throng and the totality that each troop faces in mere volume is just a part of the whole being in the last moments of time.

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